Insurance assessment and claims settlement for insurance of vehicles (hull)



  • Traffic accident (TA) (collision of vehicles, in case the car is overturned, fall of objects, contact, collision), fire, explosion, lighting strike;
  • Fire, spontaneous ignition, lighting strike, explosion;
  • Natural disasters (earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, gale, storm, hurricane, torrent, flood etc.);
  • Larceny and unlawful acts of third party;
  • Ingress of stone and fall on the vehicle of foreign objects


In case of insured event it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • Document issued by the relevant public authority (form №3, form №4, administrative report of offence, scheme of TA, medical protocol of intoxication)
  • Vehicle registration document
  • In case the vehicle was driven by outside person (power of attorney for driving)
  • In case the offender of TA is a third party it is necessary to provide the following documents: copies of insurance policies, vehicle registration document, driving licence, identity card, driver's address, phone number
  • Copy of driving licence confirming the category of driving 
  • Requirement of the insurer, the insured or beneficiary
  • Sertificate of damage