Intellectual Property Assessment



Intangible assets assessment including Intellectual Property Assessment

The need for the valuation of intangible assets arise when making these kind of objectsin the authorized capital of the enterprise, in transactions purchase and sale or license agreement for the right to use intellectual property, in determining compensation, as well as changes in the value of fixed assets of the enterprise in accounting.


Intellectual property provides future benefits to its owner, embodied in marketable products. Changes of future cash flows of the magnitude depends on the following factors:

  1. life cycle stage, experienced assessed НМА
  2. production capacity and financial capacity of the enterprise that uses the НМА
  3. plans to increase production and sales of products with the estimated object 

List of services:

  • Trade mark assessment 
  • Business reputation assessment
  • Patent assessment
  • Know-how assessment
  • Copyright objects assessment
  • Promissory note including exchange law assessment
  • Assessment of damage caused by the unlawful use of various types of intellectual property
  • Assessment for IAS 

In carrying out assessment Appraiser needs information that contains data about the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the subject being evaluated and its economic usage mode.