Securities Assessment



Securities Assessment - the definition of market value of all types of securities. An independent valuation of financial assets and liabilities denominated in securities, and a detailed analysis of financial investment of companies will not only determine the market value of loans, securities and other forms of participation in business, but also to predict a promising returns of these investments. This type of evaluation is often part of the assessment services business.


Estimation of the securities includes an in-depth financial, organizational and technological analysis of current activities and prospects of the issuer company. Estimation  is derived by calculating the cost of using the approaches and methods to achieve the best reliable results.


Required documents for the  securities assessment. 

  • Certificate of registration of legal entity.
  • Charter and Memorandum of Association
  • Extract from the register of shareholders
  • Financial accounting for the last five years (by the quarter for the last year)
  • Accounting policy of the organization 
  • Deciphering balance sheet account: fixed assets (including the date of entry, original cost and residual value, the amount of depreciation in the month, date of last revaluation), securities assessment, short-term and long-term financial investments (balance sheet, which is involved), accounts receivable (by in terms of overdue and a list of 100 largest debtors to the size of the debt, short-and long-term loans and credits (loan terms, repayment schedule).
  • Revenue (by activity) and cost (for expense items)
  • List of principle suppliers and buyers
  • Development plan (business plan, financial plans).
  • Company description (history of the development, production capacity, product range).
  • The organizational structure of enterprise 
  • Information on audit control 
  • Information on daughter enterprise
  • Information on obtaining loans and credits, including tax
  • Major competitors