Business assessment



In the current system of economic relations, the processes of sale and purchase of business act as one of the manifestations of market relations. From this perspective, the recent period of extensive development of the privatization process, has raised the relevance of business assessment.

From this perspective, the most frequent objectives of the business assessment in  international practice is the below:

  • Business  assessment may purpose assessment of the effectiveness of the constructed operation and management of its shareholders and the board, as well as identifying areas for future development
  • Business  assessment enables managers to identify business value, as well as to expand sources of funding may clarify the possibility of appeal to an outsider investors
  • As a result of the business determination of the exact value of the assets and liquidity is considered one of the main purposes of business assessment
  • Business restructuring (merger, liquidation, etc.) and other property disputes  require assessment
  • Provide business with management and ruin procedures 

Required documents for business assessment

  • Bill of sale - the State Register Service of immovable property under the StateCommittee of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Technical certificate (passport) - the State Register Service of immovable property under the State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
  • Information about company
  • Information on creditors and debtors
  • Information about fixed assets
  • Pofit-and-loss report 
  • Balance-sheet